Making collaborative education and training possible.

Real-time collaborating, sharing, managing and reporting, across multiple sites...every day.


Work together to create
and share information


Consolidated overview of
all academic operations


Produce real-time reports
on outcomes achieved

Powerful web-based programme management solutions

for education and training institutions.

Operational Plan

Annual operational planning is made easy with a range of effective tools to facilitate
the planning process year-on-year. Comprehensive reporting provides management
with the ability to analyse all consolidated information and prepare correctly to meet
core operational objectives.

Assessment and Moderation

Collaborate in the creation, moderation and sharing of assessments across all
operational locations. All tests, tasks, assignments and exams are stored in a central
secure location and readily accessible to relevant staff when they need them.

Moderation reporting is done for all operational levels. Report on a single subject or
the entire organisation in a consolidated overview...and everything in-between.

Share Information

Having the right information at the right time adds tremendous value to staff and
management. Types of information typically shared include Assessment and
Moderation Plans, Guidelines, Best Practices, Past Examinations and so much more.
Share any information, to any staff, at any location, any time.

IT Friendly

Our solution is web-based and accessible through all internet connected computers,
laptops and tablets. There are no server hardware or backup requirements, making it
easier for IT Departments to manage.

Data security is crucial, therefore access is only provided to users through secure
username and password practices.

We are passionate about developing and implementing

solutions that improve education and training practices.

About Us

ASSET was born from the passion for developing and improving Southern African education and training sectors. Our unique approach is
focused on systems and staff development in education and training organisations country-wide. Our extensive experience has given us a
comprehensive understanding of their challenges and the success factors that make them sustainable.

Leading the Way

We are the leading developer of programme management software in Southern Africa and are committed to finding solutions to the
ever-increasing demands for best practices.

Everything we do revolves around increasing efficiency and effectiveness across the operation, resulting in the achievement of desired
results and adding tremendous value back into the education and training process where needed.

Our Service

Personalised service from our specialist team and unrelenting commitment from our management is your guarantee to an unparalleled
experience. We will ensure that all proposed solutions are not just superior in theory, but practical and valuable to your operation.

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